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lunes, agosto 22, 2005

KM Cluster (El Grupo de Gestión del Conocimiento)

Para jheuristic, autor de este post, el KM Cluster "is a federated action/research network. The scope is global. The focus is local. Community event gatherings are conducted on a regional basis. They are held quarterly and sustain community, rhythm & continuity. All are welcome". Además señala que los habitantes del ecosistema del Cluster se han distinguido a sí mismos como los líderes de pensamiento más importantes de la economía del conocimiento.

La descripción de la red es la siguiente:

"The KM Cluster is a fluid, organic, rhythmic swarming process and action/research network. It is ad hoc, spontaneous and proximate conversation. The KM Cluster is 100% led by participants. Colonizing themes in a day-long conversation is our only modality. The KM Cluster is not a conference. It is not a seminar, training, forum or trade event. It is not a professional organization, framework vendor or consultancy. There are no boards, committees, advisors or certifications. We do not compete and are vendor agnostic. Regional sponsors vary from quarter to quarter. Above all, the KM Cluster has the highest standards for venues, speakers, meals, participants and leadership. The modest event tuition provides sustainability, independence, rhythm and continuity."

Pienso que su autor explica tan bien el KM Cluster, que prefiero no traducir para no desvirtuar su palabras.

"The KM Cluster was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley in 1998. The focus is knowledge management (KM). Focus is also on the key KM techniques of enterprise collaboration (EC), organizational learning (OL), communities of practice (CP), social networks (SN), intellectual capital (IC), complexity science (CS), content management (CM), measurement & metrics (MM), policy & procedures (PP), innovation & invention (II) and analytics & taxonomies (AT).

The KM Cluster is devoted to creating a common understanding, shared vision and future-focused action regarding applied KM for business.

The strategy driving your community and quarterly events is triangulation between academia, business leaders and practitioners. The goal is to maximize the effective application of KM to business.

The KM Cluster pursues a community action-research model. The community operates from at the intersection of practice, theory and tools. Results are achieved by sharing, collaboration and conversation. Future-focused ideas and techniques from thought leaders in industry, research and practice are examined. The end result provides practical, effective application of KM to business.

The community is vendor-agnostic and receives support only from participants".

* About the KM Cluster, por jheuristic, en KMBlogs.Colabria, el 29 de junio de 2005