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miércoles, agosto 31, 2005

Japón vive un boom de blogging

"I find Japan to be extremely "faddy" and the media and consumers tend to jump onto new toys very quickly. Trends tend to die very quickly as well. Things that you are excited about only temporarily are often referred to as "my boom". For example, you might say, "blogging is 'my boom' right now." There are now television ads about blogs. The other day I heard a radio commercial where they read out the URL, but added that you could post comments and send trackbacks. Yes. Trackbacks. I have yet to hear a radio commercial in the US on a normal major FM show (maybe there are some) asking people to send trackbacks a site. It wasn't even a geek site. I think everyone here is finally jumping on the bandwagon.

That's why it's not strange when reports constantly ask me whether I think blogging is a fad, assuming that this "fad" will disappear along with the tamagocchi and pokemon in due time. Many reporters still look at me a bit skeptically when I try to explain that it is a trend, not a fad or some cool new toy. Watching the Japanese consumer machine trying to devour this one will be interesting.

Having said that, I'm sure many people outside of Japan also feel that blogging is just a fad".

En resumen, Joi Ito no cree que el blogging sea una moda pasajera -sino más bien una tendencia-. Lo que sí considera una moda pasajera, al igual que un autor de un comentario en su blog, es "blogging about blogging".
Considera también que finalmente en Japón todo el mundo se está subiendo al carro.

* The Japanese blog "boom", por Joi Ito, en su blog, el 31 de agosto de 2005