Información empresarial

lunes, agosto 22, 2005

Los blogs: Otro modo de publicar contenido

Farida Hasanali afirma lo siguiente:

"The reason why organizations could use another publishing medium is in part due to saturation of existing media and in part due to a change in how we work.


We are more collaborative now than ever before. We have access to more information, we have access to higher data speeds, we need more information these days to deal with the global environment than we did before. These changes are leading to the search for more effective means of communicating and blogs is one of them. Its low barrier to entry and ease of use makes it an easy tool for people to collaborate and share. In my opinion Web sites and Intranets are still effective mediums for sharing information but I think they are not getting the credit they deserve because people may been jaded from past experiences of sites that were either not populated with content or stale sites where content never changed".

En resumen, Hasanali cree que debido a la saturación de los medios y a los cambios en nuestra forma de trabajar hay que buscar más medios de comunicación y herramientas más efectivos y los blogs son una de ellos. Además constituyen una herramienta sencilla para gente que colabora y comparte.

* Are blogs another way to publish content?, por Farida Hasanali, en su blog, el 14 de julio de 2005