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miércoles, agosto 24, 2005

RSS en empresas: Aplicaciones y ejemplos

Aplicaciones del RSS en la empresa

1. Direct mass communication with employees, on either a mass level or also employing personalization and customization to make sure only the most relevant messages are distributed to the right people.
2. Measuring and watching buzz about the company, its brands and products
3. Filtering industry news for relevancy and making it available to appropriate teams and employees in need of specific content.
4. Targeted and secure in-house communications between employees and teams, which also includes project collaboration.

Otras aplicaciones que normalmente no son tratadas bajo el paraguas del RSS empresarial, pero que probablemente contribuirían a potenciar el impacto del RSS, también podrían incluir:

a) External RSS feed publishing in order to communicate with prospects, customers, business partners, the media and other target audiences.
b) Republishing syndicated content on corporate sites in order to easily display focused industry news from multiple sources.
c) RSS advertising, which in the context of enterprise RSS would especially mean ad campaign management capabilities.

Ejemplos de empresas que lo utilizan

En el segundo post, basado en un artículo de Business Week, se ofrecen ejemplos de empresas que utilizan el RSS.

* The RSS Enterprise Market Overview (Business Models), por Red Herring, el 19 de julio de 2005

* The RSS Enterprise Market Overview (Business Models), el 1 de agosto de 2005