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miércoles, agosto 24, 2005

Pasa la bola...

Wayne Hurlbert: "Business blogs are powerful tools for any business to adopt. Whether the company is a traditional bricks and mortar business, an online business venture, or both, a business blog can pay huge dividends for any business bottom line. The benefits are numerous, ranging from improved search engine rankings, to better customer relations, to more effective public relations, to ever more powerful marketing. Blogging succeeds in all of these areas. We all know those blog advantages to be true".

Con tan buenos ojos ve Hurlbert el blogging que quiere que la comunidad que formamos la blogosfera pasemos la bola sobre el blogging. En otras palabras, quiere que prediquemos sobre el business blogging como si fuéramos "blog evangelists", que recomendemos los blogs en los negocios para que formen parte del plan de marketing.

Además de las razones que aduce en la cita textual superior afirma que
"The blog advantage is simply too powerful to pass up, for any business, even if they have never been online before, in any capacity. (...) Surprisingly, many are entirely unaware of the strength that a blog can provide for a website; or as a stand alone blog site, in support of the business. The very flexibility offered by a blog is one of its key strengths. That versatility is often overlooked as well".

* Business blogs: Spread the word, por Wayne Hurlbert, en Blog Business World, el 11 de agosto de 2005