Información empresarial

sábado, mayo 07, 2005

Empresas que necesitan realmente weblogs corporativos

Éstos son 11 tipos de empresas que necesitan weblogs corporativos -vía José Luis Orihuela-.

1. Companies with on-line business model or strategy
2. Companies relying on constant stream of information
3. Companies with agenda (charities, associations, interest groups)
4. Companies whose sales depend on general awareness and information reaching their customers
5. Companies relying on customer feedback for the development of product and services
6. Companies whose products inspire discussion, enthusiasm, natural following and communities
7. Companies with something to say that cannot easily be said by their PR departments
8. Companies that need direct communication (e.g. in crisis time)
9. Companies that want to join discussions about them
10. Companies that want to generate credibility (linking/being linked to industry sources)
11. Companies with niche customers (aggregation of alternative, non-mainstream demand, preferences)