Información empresarial

lunes, junio 20, 2005

La importancia del RSS (Cita textual)

Recojo a continuación una cita textual que a su vez ha rescatado Library Stuff, de Marydee Ojala on the deal:

"RSS not only gives people information the way they want to receive it, it also places premium content alongside opinion pieces that show up as blogs. This can lead to interesting juxtapositions of fact and critiques that traditional information delivery misses. Blogs can point out what was missed or misunderstood in a mainstream media article. They could also indicate popular opinion on a business issue or industry product, regardless of whether that opinion is backed up by facts. Balancing the two sources of news will become increasingly important as business journalism changes. “It’s a different way to look at information,” says Borchert."

En Library Staff han realizado una interesante apreciación y es que esta afirmación tendrá grandes implicaciones para los profesionales de la información.

* More on Factiva/Newsgator, en Library Stuff, el lunes 9 de mayo de 2005