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sábado, agosto 27, 2005


Hoy voy a completar un post que escribí en junio sobre una guía para blogueros de IBM, con una información del blog CorporateBlogging en la que Fredrik Wackå informa de que esta compañía se está adaptando rápidamente al nuevo panorama comunicativo, al menos en lo referente a los blogs y nuevas tecnologías. Después de animar a sus empleados a que blogueen, ahora, apunta Fredrik, "IBM's CIO's office is testing out RSS for internal communications".

Phil Borremans: "At this moment we have 3 feeds up and running on the IBM intranet. Currently the RSS feed generator identifies all the content for a given topic (Example: In the news) and selects only items targeted for all IBM employees."

· Nota: Philippe Borremans es PR Manager, IBM Belgium & Luxembourg.

Alex Barnett opina sobre el blogging interno en Microsoft. Piensa que es precisamente el RSS lo que lo hace realmente útil.

"What makes the internal blogs really useful is RSS - it isn't like subscribing to an internal distribution email alias - the thoughts, links and comments become an archive of knowledge and conversations, captured in the blogs - filtered and distributed by the magic of RSS in a spam-free method. All potentially discoverable through search applications. Internal blogs can also an effective venting and ranting platform, pointing out the good and the bad of the internal workings of a business and the competition in a safe, behind-the-firewall, environment.
Given their potential I'm quite sure internal blogs will soon become a default feature of the internal communication / KM landscape for businesses large and small".

* RSS on IBM's intranet, por Fredrik Wackå, en el blog CorporateBlogging, el martes 7 de junio de 2005

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