Información empresarial

sábado, agosto 27, 2005

Un ejemplo de utilización del blog como herramienta de comunicación interna

"Socialtext via b-spirit: "Some companies, uncomfortable with the openness of public blogs, use them as an internal communications tool. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, the German investment bank, has set up about 120 internal blogs to promote discussion and distribute information, including some that encourage users to share ideas, requests and criticisms of in-house information technology systems. Traders use the medium to share information and research. 'We think of it as the open-source marketplace for ideas,' says JP Rangaswami, chief information officer. 'It lets us expose concepts or issues to a wide audience and discuss them dispassionately.'""

* Investment banking intranet blogs, por Fredrik Wackå, en el blog CorporateBlogging, el lunes 28 de junio de 2005